Industrial Design Registration

Northern Garments Inc. (NGI) is proud to announce its SKOOKUMbrand® Yukon Anorak, designed by Megan Waterman and tested over years in the far north, has received its official Industrial Design Registration via the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

After many years in development and arduous testing, where many northern experts have attested to the garment’s superior moisture-venting qualities, the innovative SKOOKUMbrand® Yukon Anorak has been officially registered as an Industrial Design. Being the perfect meld of modern and traditional design features, the garment achieves sustained comfort in cold climates through both its unique functional design and its modern hi-tech breathable fabrics.

“The secret to staying warm is staying dry, and the challenge for cold weather gear is to overcome condensation which forms on the inside layers of clothing as a result of perspiration in the cold” says co-founder Jake Duncan. “The amount of moisture a person expires during heavy activity can be measured in liters per hour. If that moisture doesn’t vent, cold weather clothing quickly loses its insulation value”, he states, adding “Our garment actively vents this moisture with its powerful design, it also employs modern highly breathable and strong fabrics.”

If perfect design is about marrying form and function, then let’s not forget about how fashionable the anorak is. Rarely do we hear the word ‘industrial’ connected to Haute Couture; however, the distinctly Canadian garment is incredibly stylish in a timeless way, and it’s made a significant impression with the fashion industry from the runways of Montreal to Milan. How perfect that the name “Skookum” comes from a First Nation word meaning Powerful, Strong and Impressive.

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