Canada Winter Games

Northern Garments adorns the 2007 Canada Winter Games opening ceremonies with its SKOOKUMbrand® Yukon Anoraks. When the athletic best from Canada’s 13 Provinces and Territories entered the giant ATCO tent for the opening ceremonies of the games, sign bearers were donning the distinctively Canadian SKOOKUMbrand® Yukon Anorak.

The 40th anniversary Canada Winter Games are being held in Whitehorse from February 23rd to March 10th, for the first time north of the sixtieth parallel. The 14-day pan-northern event hosts 2,700 athletes in 22 sports and requires over 4,500 volunteers. The Canada Winter Games will be the largest sporting event ever held in the north, and it will attract over 200 media personnel broadcasting over 100-hours of coverage.

Hosting the Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse was a personal dream of Peter Milner. Peter believed that by hosting the Canada Winter Games in the north, the best would be brought out in everyone. Peter passed away before the Games and he was honoured during the torch lighting ceremony as his 2-year old granddaughter Ava Milner lit his “flame of hope”. Northern Garments designer, Megan Waterman, was approached to design the clothing for this ceremony — she is extremely proud to help honour Milner’s dream in this manner!

Northern Garments Inc. (NGI) is a newly formed company that is founded on principles of design integrity, quality workmanship, and, sustainable and respectful resource use – within these parameters they make high quality clothing and accessories that celebrates northern culture. SKOOKUMbrand® is named after a First Nation word meaning Powerful, Strong and Impressive. How fitting that Canada’s most powerful, strong and impressive athletes are celebrated in this manner!

NGI is proud to be apart of the 40th anniversary of the games and the first time the games have been held north of sixty. Being associated with Canada’s best athletes is an honour, as is being part of Peter’s “flame of hope”! Good luck to all the athletes and our hats are off to all the volunteers that are making the pan-northern event possible!