Northern Garments (NGI) and SKOOKUMbrand® continues to participate in the North American Fur and Fashion Exposé in Montreal (NAFFEM) and introduces its fashionable and innovative winter wear.

Specializing in fur and luxury outerwear, NAFFEM is the only show of its kind in North America. The show is also International, as buyers & exhibitors come from across the USA and Canada, and from as far away as Europe and Asia. Typically buyers complete over a $100 million in sales during the 4-day event and sales and interest in wild fur is up significantly.

As a result, this year’s show was a sold out event and SKOOKUMbrand® Yukon Anoraks were noticed prominently on the runways and in its sales booth. “Our anoraks have made an impression here as an innovative, fashionable and impressive piece of clothing” says NGI sales representative, adding “Buyers appreciated our limited edition SKOOKUMbrand® Yukon Anorak commemorating the 2007-08 International Polar Year”.

This is good news for NGI, who says their success is 5-years in the making. Designer Megan Waterman notes, “Our company’s unique values and perspective attests to our commitment of stewardship, conservation, and responsible resource use”. She adds, “and now we are in a position to put our money where our mouth is”, commenting on her company’s commitment to direct 5% of sales from the International Polar Year endorsement towards wildlife habitat protection in the north.

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